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21 - 23 April 2019

Jeddah Centre for Forums & Events

The Kingdom's premier event dedicated to the stone and surface design industry

Millennials are on the pulse of the latest trends, gadgets, and technology. They know what apps to use and when, and probably know more than you about the industry in which you work. They do their research and can subsequently become an expert on anything—or so they think. This includes home buying, even though millennials are choosing to make home purchases later in life, taking time to work hard and play harder before settling down.


According to information from the National Association of Realtors, millennials are the largest share of home buyers at 35% and this figure has been increasing across the past four years. More members of this demographic are moving to the suburbs and selecting detached, single family homes in which to reside: Millennials are clearly choosing to make a long-term investment when they finally make the decision to purchase and when they do finally sign on the dotted line, they are looking for quality.

Builder Magazine recently published an article discussing the Responsive Home Project, a “laboratory” that delves into what will appeal to young people who fall into the millennial bracket. Individuals in the building products industry concurred that these young people seek high-quality features in their homes because they are waiting longer to purchase their abodes. Millennials are opting for high-end materials that look stellar and will last, and natural stone is one material that covers all of these bases.

With recent innovations and the availability of natural stone, it can enhance the look and feel of a modern home, fitting right in with the Amazon Alexa, stainless steel appliances, and copious glass and metal that are hallmarks of contemporary design. For millennials who want to invest their resources into something truly special, natural stone is an excellent material to select—one that will elevate their investment to a higher level. Read More...

Source: usenaturalstone.org