24 - 27 MAY 2021



Stone & Surface Saudi is your access to a multi-billion dollar market for stones and fit-out market

The demand for high-quality stone and fit-out materials in the Kingdom is fueled by the active construction projects including some notable mega projects in the country like Al Ruwais Redevelopment valued at USD 13.3 billion, Al Faisalya City valued at USD 25 billion, Jeddah Metro valued at USD 8.5 billion and ,many more.

Many of the mega construction projects require millions of tons of stone provided by both domestic and international suppliers.

Key Market Stats and Growth Drivers:

  • The US$ 500 Bn. NEOM city is 26,500 square kilometers zone is one of Saudi Arabia's mega-projects that it hopes will bring in billions from foreign investors. The ambitious 26,500 square kilometer business zone will link Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan and is envisaged as a futuristic hub for both industry and citizens. It aims to embrace digital technologies and services to make the city a major commercial location in the Middle East. Phase 1 of the project is expected to be completed by 2025.
  • According to market analysts Ventures Onsite, the value of contracts awarded in 2018 is forecast to be worth US$40.06billion, up from US$34.15 billion in 2017. The rapid growth in spending across the vital infrastructure sectors – residential, commercial, transport, sports and recreational facilities, hospitality and tourism, healthcare, education facilities and industrial projects – will drive future demand for high-quality stone and fit-out materials
  • Several key market drivers will support the long-term growth of construction activities in Saudi Arabia. The most notable drivers are the rise in travel and tourism, population growth and long-term government planning.
  • The GCC stone market is worth over USD 5 billion and constitutes approximately 20% of the global demand in the stone market and stone import value of 178.6 million sqm 

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